Allplex™ MG & AziR Assay

Efficient managing for M. genitalium infected patients
with Azithromycin resistance detection using multiplex real-time PCR

  • CE IVD


Allplex™ MG & AziR Assay is a multiplex real-time PCR assay that detects and identifies M. genitalium (MG) and 6 mutations causing azithromycin resistance. Based on Seegene’s proprietary DPO™ & MuDT™ Technology, this assay enables to check MG infection and azithromycin resistance in a single test and reports multiple Ct values of each pathogen in a single tube.


  1. Simultaneous detection and identification of MG and 6 mutations responsible for azithromycin resistance
  2. Cost-effective diagnostic test
    : Allows to check MG infection and azithromycin resistance in a single test
  3. Informative data with typing for each mutations
  4. Short TAT (3.5 hours) from extraction to the final results
  5. Automatic data interpretation by Seegene Viewer


- Mycoplasma genitalium (MG)
- A2058C
- A2058G
- A2058T
- A2059C
- A2059G
- A2059T
- Internal Control (IC)


- Genital swab
- Urine
- Liquid based cytology
  (e.g., ThinPrep® and SurePath™)

Result Preview

The result represents detection of MG with A2059G in Cal Red 610 and Quasar 670 channels with Ct values of 33.57 (Graph 2) and 30.46 (Graph 2), respectively. Allplex™ MG & AziR Assay is able to provide the information of MG and mutations causing azithromycin resistance by analyzing individual Ct value using Seegene Viewer.

Ordering Information

Product Cat. No. Size
Allplex™ MG & AziR Assay SD10169Y
50 rxns
100 rxns*
'* ': For use with Microlab NIMBUS IVD & STARlet IVD only.

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