Allplex™ Bacterial Vaginosis Assay

Simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of
7 bacteria associated with vaginosis using Real-time PCR assay

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Allplex™ Bacterial Vaginosis Assay is a multiplex Real-time PCR assay to simultaneously detect 7 bacteria associated with vaginosis:
- Quantitative detection of Lactobacillus spp., G. vaginalis, A. vaginae
- Qualitative detection of Megasphaera Type 1, B. fragilis, Bacterial vaginosis–associated bacteria 2, and Mobiluncus spp.

Based on Seegene’s proprietary MuDT™ technology, this assay detects and identifies multiple target pathogens in a single reaction, and make it possible to report individual Ct value of multiple pathogens
a single channel. The power of the assay will be strengthened with Seegene’s automation platforms combined with the extraction instruments and Real-time PCR instrument.


  1. Multiplex Real-time PCR (TAT: 2.5 hr)
  2. Simultaneous detection of 7 bacteria associated with vaginosis
  3. Providing quantitative information for 3 major bacteria associated with vaginosis
  4. Individual Ct value of multiple targets in a single channel
  5. Convenient workflow using Seegene’s automation platform


- Gardnerella vaginalis (GV)
- Atopobium vaginae (AV)
- Lactobacillus spp.* (Lacto)
- Bacteroides fragilis (BF)
- Megasphaera type 1 (Mega1)
- Bacterial vaginosis-associated bacteria 2 (BVAB2)
- Mobiluncus spp.** (Mob)
* L. crispatus, L. gasseri and L. jensenii ** M. mulieris and M. curtisii


- Genital swab
- Liquid based cytology specimen
  (e.g., ThinPrep® and SurePath™)


The result represents the co-infection of G. vaginalis, A. vaginae and Megasphaera type 1 in FAM, HEX and Cal Red 610 channel. In addition it provides Ct values of 18.02 (Graph 1) and Qt values of 5.43, 4.22 (Graph 2), respectively. Allplex™ Bacterial Vaginosis Assay is able to provide the quantitative information for 3 bacteria and identification of 4 bacteria associated with vaginosis using the Seegene viewer software.

Ct: Cycle Threshold, Qt: Quantitative Threshold (log10)

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Allplex™ Bacterial Vaginosis Assay SD9804X* 100 rxns
'* ': For use with NIMBUS IVD & STARlet IVD only.

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