Anyplex™VanR Real-time Detection

Simultaneous detection of vanA, vanB, and vanC genes



Importance of VRE Test

Anyplex™ VanR Real-time Detection simultaneously detects vanA, vanB, and vanC genes which are the causes for vancomycin-resistant in Enterococci cultured in Enterococcosel broth/agar. Enterococci are the major cause of surgical-site infections and the third leading cause of urinary tract and bloodstream infections. Vancomycin is an antibiotic that is often used to treat infections caused by these Enterococci. In some instances, Enterococci become resistant to this drug and thus are called vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE). Most VRE infections occur in the hospital setting. Rapid and accurate test of VRE is important to prevent spread of VRE in hospitals.

Vancomycin-resistant Genotyping

Both vanA and vanB genes are transferable and can spread from organism to organism. For this reason, an accurate detection is necessary in order to separate the carriers from patients. On the other hand, vanC gene are not transferable and less significant clinically and do not require carriers to be secluded. However, the detection of vanC is still important for discrimination of VRE with acquired resistance as well as for preventing unnecessary procedures for infection management.

Method of VRE diagnostic test

Disk susceptibility tests or automated instrument used for Vancomycin-resistant test is high in accuracy. However, it only identifies phenotype not the exact genotype. Molecular diagnostic test is important for accurate identification of resistant genotype due to report of VRE with different phenotype and genotype.


  1. Simultaneous detection of vanA, vanB, and vanC
  2. Rapid diagnosis (Turnaround Time : 2h (after extraction))
  3. Quick and easy data interpretation by Seegene viewer software


- vanA
- vanB
- vanC


- Cultured Enterococosel Broth/Agar

Result Preview

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