Anyplex™ IIThrombosis SNP Panel Assay

Simultaneous detection of six SNPs in Factor II, Factor V
and MTHFR genes

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Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot inside a blood vessel, obstructing the blood flow of the cardiovascular system. Several thrombosis associated single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been identified and reported to significantly increase the risk of venous thrombosis. One SNP (G20210A) in the Factor II gene has been found to be associated with increased prothrombin levels and an increase in the risk for venous thrombosis in heterozygotes. Three SNPs (R506Q, H1299R and Y1702C) in the factorⅤ genes are one of the most important genetic risk factors for inherited thrombophilia. Two SNPs (C677T and A1298C) in the MTHFR gene cause reduction of MTHFR enzyme activity and heterozygosity for both C677T and A1298C is considered to be a risk factor for venous thrombosis. Anyplex™ II Thrombosis SNP Panel Assay is designed to detect and discriminate six SNPs (1 in Factor II, 3 in Factor V and 2 in MTHFR) in a single tube using the mTOCE™ technology.


  1. Six SNPs in Factor II, Factor V and MTHFR genes can be detected in a single tube.
  2. Multiple SNPs are detected and differentiated in a single channel.
  3. Performance is not affected by multiple SNPs being present.
  4. Broad range of DNA template concentration : 25 ~ 1,000 ng/rxn
  5. Utilization of the UDG system to prevent carry-over contamination
  6. Amenable to automated sample handling and assay systems
  7. Convenient data interpretation by Seegene Viewer


- Factor II: G20210A
- MTHFR : C677T, A1298C
- Factor V: R506Q, H1299R, Y1702C


- Whole Blood

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Anyplex™ II Thrombosis SNP Panel Assay TS7600Y 50 rxns
Anyplex™ II Thrombosis SNP Panel Assay TS7600X * 100 rxns
'* ': For use with NIMBUS IVD & STARlet IVD only.

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