Seeplex®Meningitis ACE Detection

Detection of viruses and bacteria causing human meningitis

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Bacterial meningitis has an incidence of about 20 to 100 cases per 100,000 live births during the newborn period. Aseptic meningitis is even more common. Although most types of aseptic meningitis do not cause serious symptoms, some types result in significant morbidity and mortality if improperly diagnosed and untreated. Early identification of causative bacterial and viral pathogens is important for prompt and proper treatment of meningitis and for prevention of life-threatening clinical outcomes.

In meningitis, identification of pathogen as well as early detection is critical for efficient treatment. Current diagnostic methods for meningitis such as CSF culture and Latex agglutination assay have certain limitations such as time factor and low sensitivity. With multiplex PCR system based on DPO™ technology, the Seeplex® Meningitis ACE Detection can detect 7 viruses (6 types of DNA virus (HSV1, 2, CMV, EBV, VZV, HHV6) and RNA virus (HEV)) and 5 bacteria (Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, Neisseria meningitidis, Group B Streptococcus, Listeria monocytogenes) causing meningitis within 6 hours.


  1. Differentiates 7 meningitis causative viruses and 5 kinds of bacteria with a single PCR
  2. Multiplex PCR with high sensitivity and specificity by applying DPO™ (Dual Priming Oligonucleotide) technology
  3. Applicable to Auto-capillary Electrophoresis instruments
  4. Accurate system for interpertation of results
  5. Contamination Prevention System


Virus 1 panel Virus 2 panel Bacteria panel
- HSV 1
- HSV 2
- VZV (HHV3)
- EBV (HHV4)
- CMV (HHV5)(CE0086)
- HHV6
- Enteroviruses - Streptococcus pneumoniae
- Neisseria meningitidis
- Haemophilus influenzae
- Listeria monocytogenes
- Group B Streptococcus
  (Streptococcus agalactiae)


- Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)

Result Preview

ID Result
2 HSV1
3 HSV2
4 -*
7 -*
1~6: Clinical samples
7: Negative Control
*Not detected

Ordering Information

Product Cat. No. Size
Seeplex® Meningitis-V1 ACE Detection (V2.0) MG6611Y 50 rxns
Seeplex® Meningitis-V2 ACE Detection (V2.0) MG6111Y 50 rxns
Seeplex® Meningitis-B ACE Detection (V2.0) MG6501Y 50 rxns

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