Extraction & Liquid handlerSTARlet IVD


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Liquid Handling Workstations with Extraction Module

MICROLAB STARlet IVD(STARLET) system delivers an automatic process from DNA/RNA extraction to PCR master mix setup on a compact liquid handling platform.
This provides clear and reliable performance for ready to run PCR by flexibly combining the extraction module and the Liquid handler.


  1. Ready to run PCR machine
    Automation from extraction to PCR master mix setup
  2. Outstanding flexibility
    Module combination available
  3. Complete sample traceability
    Barcode identification for samples
  4. Improvement of process reliability
  5. Compatible with sample tube to custom labware


CONT Detail
Throughput 8 Channels
Positional accuracy 0.1 mm on X-Y-Z
Dimensions 1124 (W)x795 (D)x903 (H) mm
Weight 135 Kg
Maximum power consumption 600 VA (depending on configuration)

Ordering Information

Product Cat. No.
STARlet IVD 173000 - 075

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