Automated Magnetic Bead Based Nucleic Acid ExtractionsSEEPREP12™

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Automated Magnetic Bead Based Nucleic Acid Extractions

Manual Pipetting is not required. Difficult to extract specimen can easily be extracted using all automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment. Do not be concerned about contamination by using disposable pump and tip. Check for yourself the high quality reproducibility and highly trustworthy results.


  1. Disposable pump pippetting system
    Reducing cross contamination
  2. UV sterilization
  3. Built in barcode reader
  4. Pre-filled reagent cartridges
  5. Applicable to a wide range of sample types
  6. Economical


CONT Detail
Number of Channels 12 Channels
Number of Samples 1-12
Elution vol. 60~100 ㎕
Primary tube spec 79 x 16 (Max Height x Diameter,mm)
Sample vol. ~1.6 ml
Dimension 442 (W) X 445 (D) X 465 (H) mm
Method Magnetic beads
Weight 22Kg

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