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Automated Liquid Handling Workstations from NA Extraction to PCR Setup

NIMBUS IVD is an easy-to-use liquid handling workstation optimized for automated nucleic acids(NA) extraction and PCR setup. It provides convenient process of your lab works by minimizing hands-on time and maximizing assay reliability.


  1. Sample racks for 1.5mL tube or primary tube
  2. Primary tube direct applied to NA extraction
  3. Convenient prefilled reagent cartridge
  4. Maximum 72 samples processed within 3hr
  5. Accurate dispensing control of individual 4 channels
  6. Applicable various types of specimens:
    Whole Blood, Swab (Nasopharyngeal, Vaginal, Cervical, Urethral), Aspirate (Nasopharyngeal), Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), LBC, Urine, Sputum, Stool, Cary-Blair
  7. Handheld barcode scanner available
  8. Built-in UV lamp for prevention of contamination
  9. One-step automated process from NA extraction to PCR setup
  10. One type of extraction reagent for all specimen types
The Innovative technology by Hamilton ensures high dispensing accuracy

Air displacement pipetting prevents contamination and sample dilution.
Compressed O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE) Technology affixes pipette tips to the pipetting channels with a stable lock-and-key fit. CO-RE technology helps to avoid bubbles, thereby, ensures dispensing accuracy.
It prevents loss of liquids as it can control pressure changes of liquid channels in Real-time. Thereby, volatile solvents can also be accurately dispensed.
Test Process (example : Anyplex™ II STI-7 Detection)

Specifications (Seegene Launcher V5)

CONT Detail
Power consumption 600 W
Dimension(WxDxH mm) 1041(W) X 673(D) X 800(H) mm
Power input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 5A
Pipetting channel 4 Channels
Dispensing accuracy
|R| (%)
10㎕ : 3%, 50㎕ : 1.5%, 300㎕ : 1% (When using 300㎕ tip)
Dispensing precision
10㎕ : 2%, 50㎕ : 1%, 300㎕ : 1% (When using 300㎕ tip)
Weight(kg) 101.4 kg

Ordering information

Product Cat. No.
STARMag 96 X 4 Universal Cartridge kit (384T)
High Volume Tips (1000 ㎕, 384T) 235905
Standard Volume Tips (300 ㎕, 384T) 235903
Waste Bags (100 ea) 65803-01
96 Deep well micro plate (10X10 ea) SDP0096

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