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Device Name(MultiNA)

  • CE IVD


A fully automated microchip electrophoresis for high-speed and high-throughput analysis

The MultiNA is a microchip electrophoresis system which quickly and easily performs DNA and RNA nucleic acid size confirmation and quantitation. This system uses microchip technology to conduct fully automated high-speed electrophoresis separation, and fluorescence detection to perform high-sensitivity analysis.


  1. Lower analysis cost
    Lower running costs for consumables per analysis
  2. High-throughput
    Automated analysis of up to 108 samples (96 samples + 12 markers)
  3. High-speed automatic operation
    Analysis of 96 samples within 125 minutes
  4. Automatic clip cleaning process
  5. Rapid and easy interpretation by user friendly Seegene software

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Product Cat. No.
MultiNA 292-28000-38

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