Real-time PCR SystemCFX96™

Device Name(CFX96 real-time PCR detection system)

  • CE IVD


Compact and easy to use Real-time PCR machine

The CFX96™ Real-time PCR System can detect 5 different fluorescent dyes simultaneously and thus it is suitable for multi-pathogens detection in one clinical sample.


  1. Get great results right away
    Quick installation and factory-calibrated optics let you set up the system in seconds
  2. Fit experiments into your schedule Fast thermal cycling produces results in less than 30 minutes
  3. Minimize sample and reagent usage
    Reliable results obtained with low sample volumes
  4. Easily expand your throughput when needed
    Up to 4 instruments can be controlled by a single computer

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Ordering Information

Product Cat. No.
CFX96™ IVD Optical Reaction Module 1845097-IVD
C1000 Thermal Cycler 1841000-IVD

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"The CFX-96-IVD instrument distributed by or on behalf of Seegene, Inc. is solely for use with Seegene TOCE™ assays. It is the purchaser's responsibility to acquire all additional intellectual property rights related to other uses."
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