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ECCMID 2019 2019-04-13 ~ 2019-04-16  |  Amsterdam, Netherlands
2018 AACC 2018-07-29 ~ 2018-08-02  |  Chicago, IL, USA
2018 ECCMID 2018-04-21 ~ 2018-04-24  |  IFEMA - Feria de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
LMCE 2017 & 58th KSLM 2017-10-18 ~ 2017-10-20  |  Grand Walkerhill, Seoul, Republic of Korea
2017 AACC 2017-07-30 ~ 2017-08-03  |  San Diego, CA, USA
2017 ECCMID 2017-04-22 ~ 2017-04-25  |  Reed Messe Wien Congress Center, Vienna, Austria
2017 MedLab 2017-02-06 ~ 2017-02-09  |  Dubai Convention Centre
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2019-04-13 ~ 2019-04-16 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Seegene Booth #1.51

First Line Syndromic Solution
Uncovering the potential: One time, Right result

Seegene is introducing the best approach for routine screening test for the infectious
diseases. This screening tests are including 7 of Seegene’s products that all can be
applied on Seegene’s consolidated one platform. Visit Seegene booth (#1.51) and learn
more about how these tests can help you do more efficient and cost-effective test with
much higher performance.

First Line Syndromic Test Products

Meningitis: Comprehensive & fast identification of 18 pathogens causing meningitis

Allplex™ Meningitis Panel Assays

Respiratory Infection: identification of most prevalent causative 7 pathogens

Allplex™ RV Essential Assay

Gastrointestinal Infection: identification of most prevalent causative 7 pathogens

Allplex™ GI-EB Screening Assay

Sexually Transmitted Infections: identification of most prevalent causative 4 pathogens

Allplex™ CT/NG/MG/TV Assay

Vaginitis: Identification of major 7 pathogens causing vaginitis

Allplex™ Vaginitis Screening Assay

HPV Infection: Identification of 14 high-risk HPV types

Anyplex™II HPV HR Detection

Antimicrobial Resistance: Simultaneous detection of gram+ & gram- drug resistance

Allplex™ Entero-DR Assay

Latest Products

Allplex™ GI-Helminth(I) Assay

Simultaneous detection of 9 pathogens causing helminthiasis

Allplex™ GI-EB Screening Assay

Simultaneous detection of 7 key bacterial pathogens associated with gastroenteritis

Allplex™ H.pylori & ClariR Assay

Simultaneous identification of H. pylori and 3 clarithromycin resistance mutations

Allplex™ MG & AziR Assay

Simultaneous identification of M.genitalium and 6 azithromycin resistance mutations

Allplex™ MTB/MDR/XDRe Detection

Simultaneous identification MTB and Multi Drug-resistant(MDR) and Extensively Drug resistant(XDR)

Allplex™ RV Essential Assay

Simultaneous screening of 7 major pathogens causing respiratory infections

Exhibition Clips

All MDx assays in one platform

Seegene's product pipeline

Mini-seminar at ECCMID 2017

MuDT™ Technology

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