R&D Partnership

Research and Development

Strategic Alliance

We have made variety of forms of strategic alliances with other organizations in order to strengthen our capacity to develop 1) gene diagnosis for globally recognized drugs, 2) enhance local and global marketing initiatives. Our exclusive "test once and detect all" multiplex gene testing technology can be tailored to any customer's particular need and can also be manufactured to be applicable to Chip, Real-time PCR equipments.

  1. Advantages of multiplex diagnostic test

    Cost / time / labor saving, early diagnosis, customized medical service

  2. Prospective clients
    • Commercial laboratory
    • DNA chip-based companies
    • POC (Point-of-Care) - based companies
    • Other detection instrument companies (Real-time PCR, auto-capillary electrophoresis etc.)
    • Molecular diagnostic companies
  3. Application for customized test item
    • Respiratory pathogen
    • STI
    • Sepsis
    • Cancer marker
    • Drug Resistance
    • Other infectious disease - causing pathogen


We follow the process below when establishing strategic alliance.

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