CEO’s Message

“Seegene aims to be the No.1 bio company that contributes to the health of humankind by leading the development of Molecular Diagnostics.”

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to our customers for their consistent support for Seegene.

Seegene, which has devoted all its effort to the acquirement of core technology since the day of its foundation, has brought a wind of change to the Molecular Diagnostics market that was previously dominated by a few major companies. Having been recognized for its superior technologies and products, Seegene is now one step closer to its goal of establishing our unique Molecular Diagnostics as by actively networking and building strategic partnerships with other global companies worldwide.

Continuous efforts in the development of distinctive technologies and products, and human resource cultivation.

Seegene has solidified its superiority of technology in global Molecular Diagnostics market. Seegene is devoted to strengthening R&D investment for continuous growth and higher future competitiveness, and focusing on securing superior research manpower and cultivation of human resources.

Pursuing sound and reasonable management practices.

Seegene pursues integrity and transparency in management for sustainable growth, as they are critical to achieving growth in the global business in the field of Molecular Diagnostics. Also, we are striving to adopt a corporate culture that pursues ethical management based on a rigorous compliance system that can reinforce transparency and competiveness in every business practices.

Making a contribution to public health with groundbreaking technology

Top priority of Seegene is to change the paradigm for Molecular Diagnostics market. Seegene takes responsibilities for creation and commercialization of Molecular Diagnostic products and services that lead to an improvement to the public health and treatment of patients. We're wishing our groundbreaking technologies will open up the brighter and hopeful future for patients and their families.

Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO

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