Chairman’s Message

“Seegene is committed to realize a healthy society for the humankind by providing an opportunity to experience our innovative Molecular Diagnostic reagents which enables early diagnosis and prompt treatments at affordable prices.”

Many individuals are at risk of "burden of disease", an overall impact of diseases and injuries at some point in their lives. Despite of continuous medical advances, we are still exposed to risks of being infected with diseases and as of 2013, mortality rates for age under 60 have been consistently increasing and have reached up to 22% in Republic of Korea, according to the Korea National Statistics.

Early and accurate diagnosis of disease greatly increases the chances for successful treatments, and development of diagnostics system based on molecular biology has revolutionized the conventional diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Molecular diagnostics is an advanced test method that detects and/or identifies nucleic acid molecules (DNA or RNA) extracted from patient samples (blood, sputum, urine, body fluid, etc.) to provide gene-derived clinical information. It's interesting to know each causative bacteria or virus contains specific pathogen-derived DNA, and those indicates the presence, absence or carriership of diseases. Analyzing these genes, can help in disease diagnosis, however, testing each one of disease derived DNAs seems impracticable.

In 2001, Founder and CEO of Seegene, Inc. Dr. Chun Jong-yoon, developed proprietary technologies (DPO™, TOCE™, READ, and ACP™) that enable simultaneous and multiple detection and identification of various types of pathogens in a single test. Based on these proprietary technologies, Seegene has developed various Molecular Diagnostic reagents for many of infectious diseases such as Respiratory virus/bacteria infections, STIs, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and HPV.

Since its listing on KOSDAQ in 2010, Seegene Inc. has been showing a rapid annual growth each year, and continuously investing in R&D to solidify superiority of technology in global Molecular Diagnostics market. Seegene Inc. promises to make the most contribution to humanity by developing faster, more accurate and cost-effective innovative Molecular Diagnostics systems

Kyung-Jun Chun, Chairman

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