MuDT™ Technology

One Channel, Multi-Ct in Real-time PCR

MuDT™(Multiple Detection Temperatures) Technology

MuDT™ technology is the most powerful technology capable of simultaneous quantification and detection/discrimination of multiple targets in a single channel without additional melting curve analysis after amplification step. It satisfies the growing demands for both high multiplexing and quantification in a single assay by overcoming the current technology barrier of "one channel, only one Ct".
MuDT™ technology opens a new chapter of PCR-based molecular diagnostics to deliver a more comprehensive and actionable diagnostic information.

Technical Papers

디자인할 수 있는 부위가 자유롭고 PCR 성능을 높여줌

Features of the technology

Multi-Ct in a single channel for detection & quantification of multiple targets

1. Shorter turnaround time (TAT) because melting curve analysis after amplification is not necessary
2. Comprehensive information for improved patient care
3. Reduction in healthcare costs and labors

디자인할 수 있는 부위가 자유롭고 PCR 성능을 높여줌

Each Ct value of co-infected pathogens equals to that of single target amplification

1. Current technology shows just one Ct value regardless of single or co-infection.
2. MuDT™ technology generates the same Ct value of each pathogen as the current technology in the case of single infections. In the co-infected specimens, MuDT™ shows each Ct values for multiple pathogens which is equal to that of single infections.

Comparison between DPO™ primer VS. Non-DPO™ primer

SNP genotyping in a single channel

1. Conventional SNP genotyping assay requires a single tube and two channels to analyze one SNP target. In other words, four tubes are required to analyze four SNP targets. In order to minimize the number of channels, melting curve analysis after target amplification is necessary. Limited multiplexity and longer turnaround time (TAT) due to melting curve analysis are main hurdles in current SNP genotyping method.
2. MuDT™ - based SNP genotyping assay can provide a SNP genotyping in a single channel, which allows a genotyping of four SNP targets in a single tube.

Comparison between DPO™ primer VS. Non-DPO™ primer

Multiple channels are not necessary for detection and quantification of multiple targets

Multiplex-PCR 수행시 primer간의 dimer 형성 또는 competition이 없음

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