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About Seegene, Inc.

Presenting the new possibility of a world free of disease

As more diseases are discovered around the world, Seegene is taking the lead in developing new technology for accurate diagnosis. We aim to create more opportunities for patients to start a new chapter of their lives by experiencing innovative technologies based products to increase chances for their successful treatments. Seegene endlessly strives toward the new possibility of a world free of disease.

※ Seegene’s simultaneous and multiple detection technologies, which are unique and superior, have already surpassed the limits of conventional diagnostic techniques and provided a means of testing dozens of pathogens at once. These technologies result in cost reduction for patients because it allows detection of multiple pathogens in a single test and definitely can provide benefits of more personalized diagnostic opportunities. For doctors, these technologies provide opportunities for more accurate and efficient treatment.

Steady growth through the recreation of new values each year.

The molecular diagnostics market has become a “blue ocean" in the industry since it is rapidly growing every year due to its possibility for early diagnosis, which is unique among in vitro diagnostics as well as its wide range of application areas. Seegene is recreating new values through various business opportunities and partnerships with numerous global companies through its superior technologies. Expansion and growth of molecular diagnostics market generates and contributes Seegene’s consistent growth over the years.

※ Molecular diagnostics, which is one of the in vitro diagnostic methods, determines the existence of a disease by analyzing DNAs. Since introduced in the late 1990s and early 2000s onto the diagnostics market, molecular diagnostics has become an outstanding  diagnostic method that introduced a new paradigm to the global diagnostics market, having surpassed conventional methods such as incubation diagnostics and immunodiagnosis.

Global Human Resources and Networks over the world.

We have global  distributors in 57 countries and employees all around the world and they drive and support Seegene’s global business. Seegene strives to satisfy the varying demands of local customers by quickly listening and responding to needs of our customers, as we’re more than willing to launch  customized products upon the demand of customers after conducting  proper market analysis. Our bold investment and endeavors in R&D allows launching numerous the world-leading products which are currently available in the market.

※ Seegene, Inc. produces  a wide range of diagnostic products which detects  pathogens of major infectious diseases such as Respiratory viruses, STIs, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis,Cervical cancer, as well as Multi Drug Resistant , Thyroid cancer, etc. Recently, Seegene has expanded its areas of business into Food Safety Tests and Companion Diagnostics.

Hope for patients, smiles for doctors.

Seegene supplies its products to major hospitals and clinical laboratories worldwide. The corporate value of Seegene has been rapidly growing as its products deliver hopes to patients who are desperate in need of proper treatments and accurate results for doctors. Our belief in the values of a healthy life has assisted a great number of patients and doctors through OEM Partnership, Joint Research, and Technology Transfer with various global companies, which in turn has become the driving force of Seegene.

Along with over 500 Korean and international publications that reference Seegene’s core technologies, Seegene is now preparing to greet more customers as we are in the process of US FDA clearance,  followed by Health Canada and CE marked approvals


With its superior technology, creative values, and leadership, Seegene, Inc. promises to fulfill its responsibility and role in shaping Korea as the global leader in molecular diagnostics. Furthermore, based upon the remarkable growth in its sales revenue each year, Seegene is determined to make great contributions to the society and become a driving force for national economic growth.

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