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  • Real-time
  • CE-IVD

Anyplex™ II
HPV28 Detection

Simultaneous detection and identification of 28 HPV types (19 high-risk and 9 low-risk)

Anyplex™Ⅱ HPV28 Detection simultaneously detects, differentiates and quantifies 28 distinct HPV genotypes (19 high-risk and 9 low-risk) responsible for cervical cancer and/or sexually transmitted infections. Based on Seegene’s proprietary DPO™ and TOCE™ technologies, this multiplex assay performs on  real-time PCR instrument and provides high sensitivity and specificity genotyping information of infected 28 HPV types in a single reaction



The result represents co-infection that HPV 16 is high (+++) in the HEX channel, HPV 52 is high(+++) in the Cal Red 610 channel, HPV 35, 61 are high (+++) in the Quasar 670 channel and HPV 40 is intermediate (++) in the Quasar 705 channel .


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